Maybe it's the Coffee...

that I drank over a six hour conversation with some good friends, but I can't sleep just yet.

After playing with their boys, eating supper, and helping put them to bed, we settled down for our usual "back-in-town-catch-up" over cappuccinos.Not going to lie, the raspberry pie and with extra creamy cool whip made it even better. Food and conversation: a tasty and filling combo.

Venison vs. beef, Core-Curriculum, special education system, parenting, childhood milestones, grad school, dissertation ideas, domestic violence, psychological diagnoses, dating, religious belief formation, joys...and I'm sure that's not even all of it. 

The conversation just flowed and shifted with openness and honesty. Not only were interests, emotions, fun facts and stories shared but a sense of passion radiated through the dialogue. My friend who works in the school system has an incredible passion for the students she works with. A passion that I can't help but find contagious after talking with her and her husband. 

Passion. It's something I think we are all trying to find. Whether it be passion for a career field, passion in relationships, or passion in a way of living and faith -- we are all searching for it. 

One of my favorite books/movies is A Walk to Remember. More than just a chic-flick, this story is humbling, moving, and inspiring all rolled into one beautifully scripted novel. This line applies here tonight (or should I say morning??).

“What's your heart telling you to do?

I don't know.

 'Maybe, you're trying too hard to hear it.” 
If you take away the books, the expectations of friends or family, standards of the world and simply enjoy a conversation with someone who knows you well and who cares in such a way that they will listen to whatever might come out, what is it you would discuss? Who can you talk with? And with whom would you desire to talk to? I'm realizing it's easy to overlook the fires of passion that are already within us. In these conversations the embers are fanned into flickers. And within a certain time and place, flames. So I guess the question to end with is where is your soul warmed

Maybe it's the coffee and being wired at 2:00AM. But I think passion works in such a way where, “it all ma[kes] perfect sense, and at the same time, nothing seem[s] to make sense at all.” -A Walk to Remember


  1. It was a great night and some wonderful thoughts were shared! I wish we could do this more often! The perfect career: find something that you are passionate about and then find someone willing to pay you to do it!!!


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