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Home is

What makes a place home? If the first thing you thought of was the cliché "home is where the heart is", that is what comes to my mind too. That has always sounded so cheesy but after spending a few weeks at home I am realizing and somewhat questioning the implications of that statement. 
I have pretty much grown up in the same town, almost the same house, for the majority of my life. My bedroom has been the same room for 13 years and on breaks I love to sleep in my bed, waking up to the familiar way the sun shines through my window...getting a view of the birds, squirrels and sometimes deer and turkey just right outside. Christmas morning is predictable as well. Everyone wakes early to quickly scarf down breakfast and then sit around the tree together as the scent from my mom's tea lingers in the air. If there is snow, my siblings and I will sled while my mom prepares lunch and then the rest of the day is spent just enjoying one another. An evening at my grandparents, wit…