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Love Does Part 1 of #we will see how many#

“Breathe in thankfulness like you’re chain smoking it; breathe out hope”
-Bob Goff, Love Does

There is nothing too great in this world to keep us from living a life characterized by love. There is no trial too great that God will not walk through it with us. There is no pain to great that God will not heal. There is no devastation too great that God cannot be given glory. 

But how do we recognize and remember this when trial, pain and devastation come? How do we show the Love that the Father has enabled us with to those around us that are enduring trials, pain and devastation? I think we start with thankfulness. 

Gratitude doesn't merely think "thanks". True gratitude is a deep, spirit-rumbling desire to express thanks. The expression is action- love doing. Maybe if we started by counting our blessings, the mountains and molehills of circumstances surrounding our dried out river beds of souls will begin to divide. We have no other options but to look to the clouds on the oth…

Being Real in the Kitchen

When I first came to school it amazed me how everything revolved around food. Maybe frustrate is a better word. Why was all fellowship centered around a meal? I still haven't answered that question; but I've come to believe that conversation begins naturally in these settings. It really is quite awesome when we consider it. 

Today my gma and I took to the kitchen. This wasn't our plan, but as I'm heading to sleep tonight I'm dwelling on how thankful I am to have a grandma that shares the same adventurous cooking and baking thrill that I do. 

She has had a rough couple of months and has been enduring more than I would wish upon anyone. Her attitude towards it all shines so gracefully. We've been blessed to be able to open up and talk about the things in our lives. Her 69 years and my 20 don't seem so far apart when I consider the uncertainty and fear that has crept into each of our lives. And yet, we can take to the kitchen and experiment to make Pork Pies, Ap…

Let me Be Real

Christ loved you and gave himself up for you. “Walk in love just as Christ loved you.” The command comes with life-changing truth. “Christ loved you.” At the moment when there is a chance to love and some voice says, “You are not a loving person,” you can say, “Christ’s love for me makes me a new kind of person. His command to love is just as surely possible for me as his promise of love is true for me. -The Chase by Jerry Bridges
C.S. Lewis says in The Weight of Glory, "we meet no ordinary people in our lives". There is an incredible truth in that statement. The lives of those walking across campus, ordering tacos in front of us, and repairing our car brakes....are not "mere mortals". These are souls all the more approaching the day when they too will meet Him face to face. Their stories are writing for them an eternal script. Perhaps they know God, but what if they don't? Perhaps we know ourselves that our lives here do matter, but what if we have lost sight o…

Let's be Real Story #2

My mom is a pretty incredible woman. The last four years she and the rest of my family have gone through some challenges. There were times I feared she would give up, lose faith. But you know... if there is someone who has taught me to hold on, she is the greatest personal example that I have. I'm hoping she sends me some more "stories" but this is a testimony to just a snippet of how God has blessed her and the setting in which she is in for this season.

Every Thursday I leave Monroe at 3 am and make the trek to the Hines VA Hospital in Chicago. It's a long and nasty drive because I don't like the CHI traffic. But the experience makes my week. I've tried to explain it but how does one put into words the feelings invoked by standing and selling for 6 hrs straight. It isn't the unbelievable sales. It isn't the fact that there are only 5 vendors. It's the people. The staff at the VA are so caring and so positive -- from doctors and nurses to therapis…

Let's be Real Story #1

Sharing our story isn't always easy. But the more I think about it, the more I realize how much glory God is given when we open up and show how God has worked and is working.

This November I want to provide a place for testimonies to be shared. One of my best friends since second grade went to a state school up North. She quickly became involved with an on campus ministry and has grown immensely. It's really neat, that for the same reasons I chose my Christian campus, to grow in my relationship with God, she chose her secular campus. When we catch-up on the holidays, it's really amazing to hear her experiences and all the ways in which God is revealing Himself to her as well and challenging her campus. Here is her testimony 2.5 years into this journey.

Jess M’s Story When I first heard about the opportunity to share “my story” I wasn’t going to do it. In a weird way I didn’t think my story was worthy of sharing or that I was in a good enough place to be sharing my life…