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My heart broke tonight.

After work, I detoured to navigate some new parts of town. As the speed limit shifted from 50 to 30 for a neighborhood that I have never driven through before, my eyes caught three girls.

They stood there, wanting to look strong , and independent, hiding behind the little clothing they had on and make-up concealed faces. The three of them stood, talking, clearly ready to head somewhere and my just heart sank. They couldn't be any older than 14. They were just girls. A "where were the parents"--thought flashed through my mind. I wanted to pull over, get out and just talk with them.

But what would I say? Would that scare them? I'd find that a little creepy! The split second decision was made, I drove on.

 Why didn't I stop? I wasn't in any real hurry. The opportunity was right there. There was no traffic to worry about having to pull over with. I didn't trust enough to believe that God would provide the words. The next topic on …