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Square Tables and Threads

Perhaps prayer is also in those conversations with good friends, where our lips utter the Goodness of God, forgetting that He's overhearing every word. Could this be? 
Sitting around the pine square table last night, we ate our roasted salmon with kale salad and farmer's market challah. It's been over two years since I've seen this girl, the last time being for three hours in Memphis as I drove through the city. It's funny, she's been one of my best friends since 2007 and we can count on our hands the number of times we have been together in person.  Taiwan as 15 year olds, Wisconsin as 16 year olds, Charlotte as 18 year olds, Portugal as 19-20 year olds, Memphis as 20 year olds, and now Georgia as 22 and 23 year olds. And now I'm in grad school and she's in med school, only two hours apart. Yet somehow our six encounters seem surreal. This girl is like my other sister and when we get together it's as if no time has passed at all.
As the Athens sun …

Five Lines

Purple ink. Scratchy writing. Five lines. 
Aug 14, 2012: Mom and I took Cat to Waco for her 1st year at Baylor. Crazy!  Lord, please be with her and her roommate. Guide them.  Talked with mom on way home about what love should look like for  all Christians and then about the bakery. Only You can pull her through. Thank you for your protection, love, and provision.
Aug 14, 2013: Ran 60 minutes today. It felt good. But, I locked my  keys out-Mrs. W happened to be walking by so we met and she  gave me a ride home. Met with S before church and visited, H too. Deciding to be intentional with some friendships, even though I don't want to right now.
Aug 14, 2014: Got a cleaning job. Trusting that they're safe people to work for. Spent the rest of the day baking, finalizing details. Slowly things are working out. Idea of prayer has been on my mind.  Why don't I desire that all the time? I want to be seeking after Your  heart.
Just after publishing a post, my dad got ahold of me. My mom was in the…

Praying in Circles

I look up at my ceiling. The lights are off; the fan hums but I don't hear it; only my bedside lamp glows dimly as it waits for me to finish my five lines. 

Just five lines. A whole day of events, thoughts, and emotions to be crammed into five short lines. Some days those lines are lists of things done, one after each comma. Some days, though, a thought from the day takes a line and then a plead fills the next four, a prayer gets scribbled into the margins. 

Each day above the five lines are sets of five more lines from the same day the previous year. Some in pencil, some in black ink, but most in purple ink. Has it really been two years, starting the third? It's funny how the things the year before that consumed my day are still working their ways out. Or sometimes, with a year later to look back on them, they were insignificant.

Eventually I'll stop thumbing through and reading the weeks ahead, spoiling the leasure-look-back for the next night. But tonight I'm reading. …