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Decisions, Decisions

A most beautiful and mighty storm rages outside my window. It started a few hours ago as the winds picked up and provided respite from the long hours of heat. As could be expected, the sun crept down shooting rays of color along the skyline. Darkness replaced the skies and with a flash, literally, the storm began. Lightning crackled like strobe lights and danced as if to Chopin scherzo no.1. As could be expected, no rain followed, even as the winds increased and thunder joined the show. But finally, it came down. A steady blowing of rain (but really) and our dry hard ground finally gets a taste. It's long long that I'm not sure the ground can even absorb it like it needs to. 

Yesterday I sat my last final and in less than three days, four years of undergraduate study come to an official close. It hasn't fully sunk in yet. For the last couple of months though, I have been trying to draft something to post. In the works is a Guide to Grad Schools: Applying, Apply…