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And the World Gets Smaller

I originally wrote this to post on here but then decided this blog may not be the best place for it. After sharing it and discussing the details with my mom, she suggested posting. So here it is.

At the moment I should really begin studying for the GRE but I've been putting that off for weeks; what's another few hours?

This past weekend one of my long time best friends got hitched. We've anticipated this day for quite some time but as the events of the weekend (which were quite full) unraveled I couldn't help but think about how small the world really is. Perhaps it is "small" or perhaps this perceived smallness is really evidence of the things unseen, the details that our Creator has been weaving together since the beginning only to manifest themselves at His appointed times.

You see, Megan and Andy began dating our junior (his senior) year of high school. During this time we were all a part of a youth group together. This YG was at Andy's home church which…

Seeking with all our Heart

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” -Jeremiah 29:13

“Seek and you will find.” -Matthew 7:7 How often do we really seek God out?  With all our heart?
Or do we tell God where he should go hide so we can find him?  And then when he isn’t where He's supposed to be we begin to wander aimlessly, casually calling to see if he will answer, but we don’t really look.

Not really.

We just continue to do what we have always have done hoping that God will show up where he has in the past.

How many times have we experienced God in a moment of worship, or on a mission trip, or reading a book, or by some routine only to find those things are later ineffective?  So we experienced God during a time of worship with a particular song, and now that song becomes the go-to song to find God, but after a while its ability to bring a transcendent experience dries up.  But yet we continue to go back to it.  In our minds, this is how you experience God.  Or it’s this …

My Favorite Gospel

"You know, this morning the father shared a gospel that I just really liked." Said my grandpa this afternoon while he and my grandma sat and visited with us for a while.

We what surprised at his comment and probably more so at the wording "gospel". My mom asked which it was.

"You know the gospel where Jesus was going through a town and there were so many people flocking after Him. After all, He was performing miracles and casting out demons. Who wouldn't want to see Him? I guess they decided to stop at a house and it was just packed with people wanting to see Jesus. But there was this cripple and he had a few friends. Can you believe what they did? Do you know what they did? They dug a whole in the roof to lower their friend down so he could be seen by Jesus. Who does that?! We certainly wouldn't imagine ruining someone's roof for someone like that... I just really liked that gospel."

My grandparents are Catholic and I have not grown up in tha…