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Changes: Thanksgiving Reflections

The Wednesdays before Thanksgiving: Cat, Robert, and Matilda and I would get off the bus around 12 to find mom's multi-page chore list. We would fight over who does what while I blast Cher on my little stereo and chase Robert around the house with knives (like the loving sister I was). Once mom was home from work it was go-time and like a mad wave our family would hustle through the grocery store, surely to forget something. Poor mom, hauling 4 kids. Now I get why she would make 1-2 of us wait in the van (with the windows cracked, don't worry). Room was made in the fridge and snow packed on the porch for when we would run out of fridge space and resorted to Wisconsin November air to chill food. Somehow in the middle of it all we trekked to Madison for a pre-Thanksgiving swim practice where I'd fall asleep on the way home, thankful to get tomorrow off, only to be back at it on Friday. Mom rose before dawn to begin the turkey, every year muttering under her breath about how…