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Take heart, for He has overcome the world

This is cut from blogs.acu/iwanttohelp. After quite a weekend, the ACU community joined to honor our classmates, professors, their families and remember the God we all serve. I found this speech to be pretty profound and thought maybe it would speak peace to your heart this week with whatever you are suffering.

Several thousand members of the entire Abilene Christian University community – students, faculty, staff, plus neighbors and other friends – committed Monday morning’s Chapel in Moody Coliseum to worship and encourage each other in the largest gathering of people on campus since last Friday afternoon’s accident. Friends and family followed along online via livestream of the event.

The devotional period including singing and prayer, and recognition of the family of Anabel Reid, the 19-year-old sophomore who died in the accident. The Reid family, from Petersburg, Texas, was present.

ACU president Dr. Phil Schubert’s closing words:

“Billy Graham tells a story of the words that wer…