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Opened Doors

Today marked the start of my fourth semester. However, it also marked the first semester where all the classes I’d take pertain directly to what I want to do upon entrance to “The Real World”. Fortunately, it isn’t too overwhelming a load but much of that has to do with the experienced gained from last semester. Thank goodness.
I have been working at a clinic irregularly this past year, but this semester it will be on a regular basis. Today I went for the first time since Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful to see all the old ladies that volunteer too. They are a sweet bunch with hilarious jokes and stories. Luckily they continue to be super patient as I learn the filing ropes. There is a methodical, tedious process for everything in the clinic as they cannot afford electronic filing so thousands of physical patient files must be worked with daily.

At the clinic they serve working community members that don’t have insurance. It really is a rewarding environment to help those who ca…

January Book Review

When your Christmas reading list is 5 more books than you can handle, it can be difficult to choose just one to recommend. With careful consideration, January's winners are

Nali by Esther Henry
Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris

Nali was recently released by a good friend of mine. Esther Henry has been an amazing mentor in my life and such an encourager. It didn't start this way. Our friendship has grown from the rocky start 6 years ago when I was a sophomore facing some serious changes. She was hired as my sign language interpreter but it didn't take long before we would spend study halls conversing on deep issues of life, faith and so much more. The wisdom from her experience as a minister’s wife and missionary overseas provided me with much guidance as I transitioned to life as an "adult".

It was to my surprise to learn last year that she had decided to start writing. A sudden urge to create and explain a character from her time in Papua New Guinea turned into a …