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Because It Has Come Up Again

My hair has always strategically covered the backs of my ears so that my ‪#‎hearing‬‪#‎aids‬ remained as inconspicuous as possible. I'm starting to care less now and have a few things that I would like to share. If you're still reading, below you'll find the confessions & thoughts from 2 Deaf 23-24 year olds. Feel free to share and add more. 1. Email. Email. Email. This is the 21st century people! Phone calls are efficient, but when wanting to communicate important information and you beg between voice cracks to, "pleeeaase, I don't know what you said. I'm sorry. Can you email me whatever it is you are wanting me to answer for your security purposes?" how hard does it need to be to email? I promise, I'm not scamming you, and for legal purposes, isn't it better to have records in writing anyways? 2. Online appointment scheduling, bill pay, and ordering is FANTASTIC . We can read. I applaud all who have invested the time and money for web devel…