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Seeing the Face of God

This semester I am taking my three psychology elective courses (among other classes of course!). One if them is called Peacemaking. It was basically the class that most conveniently fit my schedule. Little did I realize how much the content would apply to daily life as well as my future profession.

We've been assigned reading already. The first of our six texts is to be read by Wednesday. I can't recall enjoying an assigned reading this much in a long time. It's not an enjoyment that is all smiles and sunshine, but one of those where your life intersects the margins- your gut twinges  and your heart sinks at the beginning steps. It is here that I know the next few months are going to be beneficial, with whatever all that may entail. I'm terrified but so grateful at the opportunity to learn from a class in this way.

The book I'm reading starts with the story about Jacob and Esau. If you don't know the story of those two brothers, flip to Genesis to read for yourse…


Lately I have had a lot more of this on my hands. Whether it is the morning hours before I work or the evenings in which I find quietness, I've thought a lot about time and how it affects our lives and the things in which time brings, takes, challenges, changes, and gives perspective to.

Seriously, what has time "brought" you? Time has brought ups and downs- answers for career purposes, my dreams/goals, greater hearing loss, understanding of people, new spiritual challenges, amazing friendships, you get the idea...none of these come quickly. They are the product of time.
Where has time "brought" you from? In a literal sense, time brought me from Wisconsin as I labored for quite a while as to where to attend college. Time has brought me from seasons of struggling with doubt, physical injuries, and so many other things.
I guess what I'm trying to say is over time challenges and blessings come.

In some ways I began to dislike time. With many friends out of town…

A Reminder from Hezekiah

He trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel; so that after him there was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor among those who were before him.For he clung to the Lord; he did not depart from following Him, but kept His commandments, which the Lord had commanded Moses. And the Lord was with him; wherever he went he prospered.  -2 Kings 18:5-7
I have been reading through 2 Kings lately. It is pretty incredible how much wisdom and practical guidance is packed into the Old Testament books. I had always considered this section to be trivial, almost unnecessary.  The reality is, however, the stories of these kings and nations are more than relevant. 
By no coincidence would this section about Hezekiah be my reading for last night. It was a comfort to read of his example and to be reminded that when we cling to the Lord and trust in His workings, we can be assured that He will not depart from us. While it isn't easy, I have faith that God is weaving together a section of a story tha…