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Pushing Up

“You owe me ten, Jess.” Katie punches my arm and laughs as we finish our last round of Combination 1, or the clueless newbie attempts at Combination 1

I step to the side and start my push-ups. Stupid s-words. C-words.
“Women, especially, y’all apologize for too much and sell yourselves short. For every time I hear you drop one of those words it’s 10 push-ups.”
This post isn’t really about about women belittling themselves. Or the super awesome MMA class Katie and I punch out our feelings with. It’s about you, dear client. 
Maui Thai meets four times a week. If we are lucky, on Tuesday evening we pull into the Y parking lot and hurry our way inside right as class begins. Notes might be left unwritten, our desk unorganized, and still half in work clothes. But by golly we are going to go at least once a week.
Orry-say and an’t-cay (sound it out. 5th grade will come back to you in a minute) are forbidden words, even as we rush in late, guilt ridden on our faces. He has to pause and start ove…