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Own It

There is absolutely nothing that you haveto do today. Nothing.
With each generation we are approaching maturity, in terms of adulthood and responsibility, much later.  Whatever the reasons for this may be are, it really does not matter. The fact is that as cohort of college-age-somethings (and I would argue this applies across ages) our words and actions do not convey responsibility and commitment.

Consider this: We preach "live in the moment" and YOLO as if it's something worthy of attaining.

...And yet in the moment with friends we are found texting someone else

 We are pursuing degrees to advance world peace and we stay up all night to finish the assignment only to lay down for a nap and sleep through the class for which it was due.

Or in the case of myself this morning, we sleep through three alarms and miss work. 
What exactly does this say?
To the friend you are with? To the professor who's time you are disrespecting? To the kids who depend on me? It sounds a…