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Learning to Follow

This weekend I went home with one of my closest friends. Her family is a hoot and I always enjoy time with them. Between our typical dinner table conversations with her grandmother discussing all things from entitlement to geography to recipes and our not-so-typical Easter Fiesta, I had a blast with her mom's side of the family. 
Then yesterday, we went to her dad's as well. Little did I know that her dad and step-mom have seriously been taking dance lessons. It was not long before her step mom pulled out CDs and was teaching me how to listen (and feel) for a beat. After we established that she broke down the waltz (already a basic dance) until I had it down. She stood in as the guy and led so that I could learn my part. I LOVE classical music and dancing but unfortunately I have no sense of rhythm. Waltzing around the kitchen in our socks may have been quite the spectacle but even through the awkwardness it was so much fun. Once that was down, I was introduced to 2-step, 3-st…

A Cord of Three

I do not like confrontation.

This morning I headed into work nervous. A student that I tutor and help to hold accountable has been needing intervention beyond what I can provide. For a week my boss and I have planned that the next time I saw her, we would go to his office to confront some things. Last week she never showed. I knew that with a major assignment today she would be in.

Pacing the offices and checking in with my four superiors, I anxiously awaited for her to arrive. Arrive she did.

This girl, We will call her Jill, is extremely bright, an excellent writer but has OCPD. Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder.

She only has a semester to go before graduation. However, an issue lies in her ability to get work done. If she writes something, it must be perfect. If she has an idea, it must be jotted down in notes, then refined, thought over, and then finally put together in a presentable format. My head can spin some mornings. Slowly, with the guidance of her psyc…

Desert Storm Day 5 + Reflections from Home

I just finished eating the most glorious breakfast (2 hours ago when I started this post...sorry, it's pretty long!) now that I am back home with much easier access to food: 3 slices of toast with butter and Vegemite. Yep, I thought I would want something fancy like an eggwhite omelet stuffed with veggies and bacon and garnished with fresh herbs, maybe a muffin on the side. But the reality is, I got home late last night, unpacked, cleaned up and passed out for 9 hours and all I felt like eating was my usual + 1 extra slice. So that left me with a simple breakfast and you know what, it was delicious! 
Periodically throughout the week I felt guilty that I could eat so well and have access to such a variety of options. But the more I think about it, I don't think we should feel guilty about our circumstances (unless of course they are gained through selfish or immoral means). Rather, we should be thankful. That thankfulness should be what drives us to action. The reason I eat so w…

Desert Storm-Thursday Thoughts

We have just gotten back from our trip to the grocery store. In all, it took 2 1/2 hours. But let me start from the beginning.

After my post this morning ("Day 3-4ish) I joined the team and we walked to the landfill. I was told that we were walking because the PQC students had created a movement not to far ago to prevent the landfill from expanding. Apparently the city of Dallas wanted to consolidate all their landfills and only have one- one in South Dallas, two miles from the school. So we walked. With 14 people the walk took 30-40 minutes. We walked down city streets, in grassy side paths, and along railroad tracks. Definitely an adventure. Felt like runaways for the morning. However, for some reason they really wanted to show us how "bad" the landfill was. I declined and waited at the train tracks. Landfills are landfills. They are all over the country. I took fieldtrips to one near my community in middle school. We have trash, we don't want to keep our trash, so…

Desert Storm

It is 11:30 on Wednesday. I have been at Paul Quinn for a day and a half now. After yesterday I didn't have any energy to put up my post so in our lunch break today I'll attempt to collect some thoughts.

This is officially Day 3. I arrive yesterday morning after leaving my house at 5:00AM. We were to begin at 8:30 on the farm. However, only five students were there. When the rest of the group was late we were sent to the President's office for a "meeting". My first experience on campus: disciplinary action. HA! That makes it sound much worse than it was. However, while I was not part of the guilty party, I still walked out of that meeting having learned a lot. Excuses were being made as to why we couldn't be on time or withstand an eight hour farm shift. Excuses, excuses. Dr. Sorrell pointed out something that I really needed to be reminded of. He said that there are people all around us who work hours and hours with no breaks so they can feed their families a…