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Rainy Fridays

It's raining. A steady stream of heavy drops are falling and flooding campus. What was once just uneven terrain is now Lake Wilcat. For those paying the big bucks, they can enjoy the exceptional, innovative, and real waterfront experience this week from the comfort of their own dorm lawns.

It's a gorgeous rain, the kind that whispers after a long week. The chalk advertisements and spilled coffees are being washed away from the walkways. I can see the power behind a slope, but after walking back to work following chapel, I saw the power behind the water washing away these things. It's simply beautiful.

This week I have experienced God in a very different way. When I didn't think I could feel God, I knew an incredible sense of His presence. I learned, in some small way, the effect that the enemy can have in our lives when we get stuck in our times of pity, loneliness, or worry. These are not of God. But I don't think I ever understood how much footing that gives the …

Tucked Away

Tonight after reading I noticed that my Bible is stuffed with old papers. Not really sleepy, but knowing I should head to bed, I decided to sift through some of the crinkled sheets. Tucked away, I found a typed outline of my testimony. I vaguely remember giving this at youth group more than three years ago now. Wow, time flies. 
Here is the last chunk. Most of what I'd typed were just bulleted points to touch on, but the last bullet is completely typed out. Maybe I wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything about that particular point.
God is continuing to work and reveal plans. In Jeremiah He says He knows the plans. We just need to trust in Him. God works in His timing and for the good of those who love Him. That's hard for us to accept sometimes- especially when we don't like people to know how we are broken or struggling. But through all my ups and downs I've learned God is a constant and does amazing things. He will use whatever circumstances for His glory.…