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Lies in Darkness, Life in Light

"I go in to get away from everyone...but when I finally come out everything's all jacked up. I've got a stack of calls to return, have to smooth things over. I've got to find a new job. You know, in the past 12 years I've held over 25 jobs, never more than for a few months.

It's like a cave, and I hate that I prefer the cave" he concludes and stares at his feet.
"My girls are everything to me. When the youngest was born I promised God that I would take care of her. I enjoy every minute with them and then these thoughts creep in. 
It's like a dark cloud I can't get away from" and the man begins to cry.
"Guys like him don't date women like me. They go for the girl who doesn't have kids, who isn't broken and a mess. I get the guy who expects me to go with him to the motel because he took me to see a movie.
I guess that's what I deserve," still wringing her hands, she sighs in exasperation. 
*** It's not …

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