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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

All day I thought about that. What was the lesson in this? They're just burpees .... but there's something to picking a pace and sticking to it. Being okay with slow...
Tuesday was a big day. Not in any earth shattering way. At 6am, for the first time ever, I completed an entire burpee set.

Since my swimming days over ten years ago, burpees have been the demise of any workout. The constant up and down leaves me nauseous and out of breath before even knocking out a few. I'd even visited the doctor a couple years ago due to how they'd make me feel.  He advised me to see a cardiologist (which I still haven't done) so I found ways to modify the set over time. Two Saturdays ago I held back tears as the set was called out "60 bar facing burpees" to be repeated in a set over 10 minutes. The thought of it literally made me sick inside. Jaw-tightening-up sick. I proceeded with double the amount....of mountain climbers. Not even close to what the set called for.


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