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The Silence Has Sound

Yesterday I sat in the coffee shop studying some of the social and behavioral determinants in public health while nibbling/stuffing my face with a dark chocolate brownie. The hum of the machines and those coming and going became more and more distracting. Adjusting, I pulled out my aids, plugged in my headphones, and began listening to music. But the words were tiring. Changed to classical. There, that would work.

When I was three years old I got my first pair of hearing aids, obviously the most adorable child ever to wear those tiny little instruments behind both years. At the same time I began school and started speech lessons that would continue for the next five years.

I never quite understood how people could "forget" to put hearing aids in or would lose them. Seriously, how do you forget that step in your morning routine? Heck, it's not even in the routine-it's before I get out from under the covers! I just never understood that. How do you forget the differenc…