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Not Your Average Joe

It was pouring, pellets raided my windshield that night as I drove home. Less than a mile away, the corner that holds coffee shops, grocery stores, and restaurants reminded me of where I was after trailing through the neighborhoods lost. In the dark. In the rain.

It was a relief. At the corner I saw a man waving, his bike resting on the slope behind him. His shoulders hunched forward and chin tucked down as if to stop the rain from splattering his face. I drove past, my gut and my head battling whether to stop. Reason and instinct bickering inside. Running inside my house I grabbed some things into a bag for him and against my rational wishes headed back down the street. But he was not to be found.

At least I least that's what I told myself.

Deciding to be prepared, I left the bag in my car. Then there would be no excuses to pass up an opportunity the next time.

I met Joe the next day.

"Hi" he said, extending his hand.

"My name's Joe." Taking his …