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I'm a quick packer- hence why my bag is just now being put together. Considering the bulk of it is food (peanut butter is a swimmer's staple) I'd say it went pretty well. Itineraries and passport copies being made. It is coming to the wire. All so soon! Hopefully there isn't some drastic thing that I am missing!

I have three books with me for the journey- "Stealing Christmas" by John Grisham (from the lovely Mrs. C), "Shadow of the Almighty" by Elizabeth Elliot (from wonderful Megan), and the Bible. I have already started Shadow of the Almighty and it has stirred up some new thinking. I recommend it for anyone looking for a book that causes you to do more than read but examine your life. Knowing that I have God's word with me provides some peace to my nerves.

I have the occasional fear of flying, getting sick, and the pressure of performing but it is going to be okay. My closest friend since kindergarten dance class gave me this verse today and …

10 Days to DC

Today marks the home stretch for Portugal. In ten days the team will join up in Washington DC to meet each other and train together. I have "met" most of the members on Facebook- which is totally different than how I remember "meeting" my Worlds team 4 years ago. Wow technology changes things. While still young on the international stage, my 19 years seem so ancient compared to the new recruits I have gotten to know. They are definitely a wonderful addition and wow, will they show some presence!

I have just a few prayer requests that I would like to share:
1. safety for the team
2. health- this is my biggest area of worry. A sick team tends to be "contagious" mentally. The last time I flew the pressure really bothered my head to the point that I was worried that something was wrong. I don't want to experience that pain again.
3. The proper mindset of the games and competition

Thank you. Please comment or contact me with any requests that you would li…

Making Sense of Suffering- Lessons from Wisdom Literature and Elie Wiesel

"I don't know how I survived; I was weak, rather shy; I did nothing to save myself. A miracle? Certainly not. If heaven could or would perform a miracle for me, why not for others more deserving than myself? It was nothing more than chance. However, having survived, I needed to give some meaning to my survival." Elie Wiesel

In Wiesel’s book, Night he recounts the events of his time spent as a Jew under Nazi occupation. The quote above is an excerpt. Wiesel doesn’t appear to make sense of the events, but as a teenager, we find him detached from life. Life became a matter of fact. Food drove all desires and the mere questioning of God, like many others did, was replaced by a desire to have nothing to do with God.

His feelings align with Ecclesiastes wisdom literature. His fate was fixed, as were all Jew’s. They would die eventually. In several instances Wiesel flashes back to the deaths of loved ones and camp members. Their death was not mourned, but matter of fact. An old…

Prophets and Power Yesterday and Today

My brother is a missionary in Ukraine. Him and his wife run a Christian camp, provide assistance for families in their poverty stricken town, have a transitional living center for teens, and are now raising two children that were left after a local man killed his wife and hung himself. Recently someone made this statement to him, “Jesus didn't set up centers for orphans" in reference to their transitional living center. This statement rocked me because while this is true, Christ left us the responsibility to do it (James 1:27). The New Testament shows that Jesus has compassion on the poor and widowed. But it’s amazing how much compassion God reveals in the Old Testament.

The 8th century prophets made social justice a big priority. While their message centered on salvation or judgment, it was often the result of actions taken against the peasants, widowed, and poor. Isaiah 3:14-15 is an example,
14 The Lord comes forward to pronounce judgment on the elders and rulers of his …

God's Faithfulness

Considering "God's faithfulness in light of prayers and requests that either God does not answer or answers in ways we do not expect".

I have grown up in a “Christian home” that for the most part of my life was active in the Church of Christ. My father was baptized after marrying my mom. He had grown up in a strong Catholic family. As I began my “own faith journey” around 7th grade, I began to examine other denominations and wondered the age-old question “who is right”? I’ve learned a lot since then, but from the beginning I have felt this longing to talk to my grandparents. I can remember praying to God for situations to come up that would be comfortable to talk to them about Christ, the words to say, and more importantly (to me) their interest in what I might have to say.

I would pray, what I recall to be every night that they would come to know God and that He might use me and give me courage. To this day, I have not done much at all. I have missed opportunities, been…

Finally a Blogger

Howdy to anyone who actually might read this. I never thought that I would be one to blog as it seems too tech savvy and privacy-invading-someone-reading-your-journal ish. But the times have called for desperate measures and I hope this blog will suffice.

To more internet dependency, literacy, and time let’s say Cheers! Pip Pip!