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Titled: Unveiling

This blog has existed for three years and 100 posts now. In the beginning I didn't have a title. Actually, nothing I've had to title have had titles. Instead, some obscure name that alludes to my perceived inability to title things takes the bolded, large-fonted, centered space. 

And all the while, I'm using words like "Unable to Conjure a Crafty Title", "Insert Cleverness Here", "Randoms", and "Untitled But Satisfied" to label my drawings, art pieces, and shared creative spaces that mean the most to me. Fooled by the guise of creativity and cleverness I am leaving these precious pieces nameless. 

And for what reason? You're probably thinking, "so what, Jess? This is pretty creative and there's no need to get your panties in a bunch over naming things". That's true. It is. But in a culture where labels are slapped on everything there's a rising opinion that we shouldn't be so quick to label everything. Bel…