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As a New School Year Begins...

there are lots of questions to consider. Questions regarding career paths, major selection, grad school options, friendships, goals and priorities can seem overwhelming. It seems as though they all fall in our lap at once and at times that are rather inconvenient: beginning of the semester, middle of the semester, and end of the semester. Can you sense the pattern? Yeah, just about anytime things get busy and "deadlines" draw closer you can expect an anxiousness. 

One thing I've learned this summer, among quite a few things, is that God is always working. It's just a matter of whether or not we are seeking with our whole self, becoming susceptible to plans that may not be like we imagined, while all the more realizing they are better than what we've planned for ourselves.
I've always thought I needed to have my major figured out so that I can correctly chose a career path that would begin by such-and-such time so I can be earning a living in my young 20s, indep…


It's one of those nights where all you do is toss and turn. I have a habit of going to sleep early when I'm stressed or worried....maybe that's why I can't sleep anymore tonight. I dont want this page to become like my journal, so I hope what I share is beneficial for you, encouraging at least.

With that in mind, I'm posting an entry rather than staring at the ceiling till the sun comes up.
There have been four big things are on heart in the last year and a half, some even longer so than that. 
I'm certain you've felt this way before, where you know you are supposed to do something and you don't. In one or two of these heart burdens I'm finding myself frightened of the costs to be "faithful with the little" I should do. The other two burdens are slipping from beneat my control. 
I think the former's the more dangerous, but if you're like me, the latter is more discouraging and distracting. We like control; we like knowing everything is…

Another Update

Here is the latest news. Thank you all for keeping a "stranger" and her family in your prayers. 

"Hello everyone. I wanted to send you an update to let you know what's going on with Jenna. She had a pretty good day yesterday and was able to spend time with some close friends of her's. 

On Monday, tomorrow, she begins her first round of chemo at 10am. Then at 6pm, she will have surgery to put in her MediPort. Shey'll be able to go home after the surgery, then we come back on Tuesday for another round of chemo. This will continue on through Thursday.

As you can probably tell, the updates haven't been flowing in daily, like they were before. As things happen, we will do our best to keep all of you in the loop, but in the meantime, keep praying for Jenna and our family. 

Jacob, Josh and Joslyn start school on Aug. 20, so we will figure that part out to. We are so thankful for our kiddos!

...and remember, God's Got This!"

An Update....

"Ok guys she is out of Surgery. The Surgeon said it went well. They got a good sample of the tumor and have sent it off to the lab. We will know more in 5 days. Thank you friends for all of your support and prayers. And to our new friends, those of you around the world praying for our Jenna who didn't even know her until now, thank you so much. We love u all."
It's pretty neat when we can witness the unity and communion that comes only through Christ. Thank you for your prayers!

His Power in His Peace

I saw a dear friend post this today from an update. I'm inviting you to read, remember God is great, and then asking you to pray for our brother and sisters during this time.

"It’s amazing how 3 little words can change your life and the lives of those you love forever. “We’ve Found Something.” Those were the words spoken by the doctor at Children’s Hospital shortly after my 15 year old daughter Jenna went through an MRI. The past few months had been rough. Jenna started forgetting things, throwing up, and feeling sick. She would get panicky very easily and so we thought we were dealing with some sort of anxiety or possibly post traumatic stress disorder from an accident earlier that year. The MRI was just to rule out anything else. We were told we would find out the results next Tuesday and at that time proceed with treating the anxiety or PTSD. Then life cou ld get back to normal. But after hearing those words “we’ve found something,” I knew our lives
were about to
be anything …