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Beautiful Feet

Sweaty, filthy, and sometimes frozen. 

What? I titled this "Beautiful" didn't I?
After mowing my grandma's lawn this morning I trotted inside to clean up. At first when I took of my old holey mowing shoes I was ecstatic to see tan lines at my ankles; but then I remembered, this is me we are talking about and I'm in dusty Texas. Unfortunately, in dusty Texas (I prefer to blame my location and not my genetic reality) sunburns are the norm and if I think I have a tan I should probably rinse off to find that it is just deceiving dust and grime... 
Where was I? 
Oh yeah, beautiful feet. As I cleaned up and rinsed the supposed tan from my legs and scrubbed the soles of my feet, got the dirt from under my nails and the grime from between my toes I realized that feet go through quite a lot. Right now they are tucked in a soft pair of socks, nudged into a pair of comfy tennies. But when I think about it, each of the little piggies (in case your parents never played "this…


*Disclaimer, this is not mine but taken from my friend's tumbler, which can be found here.

There is no one that I respect more than someone who can look me in the face with meekness, but with the boldness of a lion, and tell me the truth about where I’m at, what I need to do, what I’m doing wrong, what I’m doing right and how I need to grow in Christ. To look me in the face and shoot it to me straight. 

A coward will see your error, look you in the face and allow you to keep going on the path to destruction. A coward will watch you and see your hypocrisy, your failures, your short comings and will keep silent. Judge.

But a man or a woman who loves the Lord will speak out and tell you the truth. Even at the risk of rejection. Even at the risk of a slap in the face.

I pray to be surrounded by courageous and bold people. People who care enough about me and revere God enough to keep me from a blind spot that would send me on the wide path of destruction. 

There is no one I respect more. No…

Lessons from the Year

Hindsight provides a good learning foundation. You can't really know where you are going if you don't examine where you have been. The end of a semester affords a great opportunity for reflection, you know, that whole calm before the storm of finals kind of thing. Below are just a few of the things that reflection today has revealed to me. 

This past year I have learned that:1. Everyone is human. And EVERY human is created in God's image. No matter where they have been or what they have done, grace is offered them. And His Grace is sufficient for them, for His power is displayed in our weakness. 
2. From that lesson I also learned that grace can be received and with it comes freedom. That freedom is not permission to continue in our destructive ways but freedom from fear. Things that remain hidden (mainly out of fear, anxiety, or shame) foster breeding grounds for the enemy to creep in our minds and distort our thinking, affecting then more than our thoughts but also our beh…