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T'is Possible to Have your Cake and Eat it too

Except in the case where you lose your student ID and have all excess to the cafeteria, on campus gym, and your own dorm, you can have your cake and eat it too. Yesterday I lost my ID.

But this isn't about food. This is about patience. Because I know some girls follow this blog, this next entry is for you. I'm not particularly a blog reader, it's hard enough to write my own posts, but at work I can get pretty bored and given my 3-day weekend has already begun I'm not real motivated to do homework. So today I found a wonderful blog called Love in Waiting. The link is provided:

It was quite random, but full of wisdom from a girl, excuse me, woman who has been there done that. I'm guessing, if you're like me, you're probably wondering when Mr. Prince Charming is going to come along. Right?! Yes, admit it! Thank you :)

Last night in Bible class we were discussing the fruits of the Spirit.
"But the fruit of the Spir…


Like a bug in the grass in the path of an oncoming elephant, my second year of college started. Let me explain. I started this year with "Oh my goodness! This is my last normal year of college! Med School is only three years away- but technically it all starts next year! I have to bring up m GPA! Do I want to do this for the rest of my life? I have to DECIDE NOW!!!!" mentality.

The 17 hour (7 class semester) was underway and my volunteer coaching position from last year turned into a full commitment, in charge of scores of kids ages 4-18 (thankfully not all on my own), some really heading places and in need of serious commitment from coaches to help them prepare for college swimming. How could I do that?! Then the tutoring job- a blessing of more hours and higher pay…but it all adds up. Oh and there is that social group my friends and I wanted to join- on the condition we help recharter it. And there was no way the FRESHMAN 15 was going to haunt the SOPHOMORE after all that …

How do you eat an Elephant?

What? That's not a legitimate question! Thanks to my friend Kara (and y'all should check out her blog on simplicity) for telling me the phrase that her dad says all the time (which he learned from his childhood mentor). Of even more thanks, she told me the answer.

But you can't know it just yet.

Wait for the next post to find out.