Open in 10 Years: A letter to my 22 year old self

Hey Jess,

How are you? I'm good, about to take a nap before practice tonight. The summer season has started and I really hope to make those Zone cuts this time around. Mom said I can start the two-a-days and she'll arrange for carpool. I don't know if I'll get that 200 breastroke time down but Randy thinks long course is where I swim best. We will see.

It's funny to think that you know whether I get faster this summer or not. And how my 8th grade year goes...and high school...and college. Where do we go? I hope to Stanford! Do we swim in college?

In a week I'm going to be baptized. I really felt like I needed to do that back at the conference but was nervous to do that before talking to mom and dad about it. I don't know why I cried when I talked to them about it, but dad's going to do it for me next Sunday 5/15/05. I have to stand up in front of all those people...

But it will be okay.

I've known them since kindergarten when mom and dad first brought us here and I was in Mrs. Appleman's class. I've always liked bible class. Mom and dad even let me join their special adult class when Mr. Kinnick teaches. And then after worship we stand around and visit. Dad doesn't like that so much but it's pretty cool. We end up waiting forever on mom and then we head home. If we are lucky we pick up lunch from Piggly Wiggly but regardless, we have an impressive spread of recreated leftovers every Sunday. Sometimes other people join us too. And then we do homework, nap, play outside. Sometimes dad has us call our friends for airplane rides and we will grill out afterwards.

Summer sundays are the best.

I hope it will always be that way for you. That the church will be your family and not just on Sundays.

I hope that you always have somewhere to worship, learn and that you find yourself in the middle: below people who you can learn from, above people who you can lead, and alongside people always.

And if you don't, I hope you find it again.

Right now I am with all my friends and mom and dad are old but have their friends. So I hope you always have friends who make you stronger and you can enjoy life with.




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