Behind the Finished Product

What's large, brown, and smooth all over? A tabby!
Meet Tabby, the newest addition to my family.
Yesterday my friends and I finished this 8-foot dining table and laid her to rest in the garage. As we tackled the project over two weekends, and beheld the finished product late yesterday afternoon, I marveled at how satisfying it was to see a project through from the very beginning. When we look at furniture we see the final display, but the literal blood, sweat, and tears -- as well as planning -- remains unknown.
This got me thinking: As a social worker -- but more importantly, as a Christian -- we never view a finished product. We view a person who has been warped, sawed, shaped, screwed, glued, sanded, and stained. And we have the honor to play a part in the story of building something useful and beautiful.
Shoutout to Heather and Tyler for all their hard work and attention to meticulous detail, to Heather's parents for letting us use their tools, and to Tyler for storing it in his garage since it ended up being larger than we thought and will not fit in my apartment :)
Plans to build your own version of this farm table can be found here.



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