Dear Gpa

Dear Grampa,

Over the past few weeks I have written and rewritten this letter in my mind, unsure of how best to say all that I want to. Here is what I can fit in a limited space. 

Please know that you mean more to me than any letter I could ever write. You may not know this, but you and grandma are one of the biggest reasons I started to study the bible when I was ten years old. And for that I have more thanks than there are stars in the sky as that impact on my life extends beyond this earthly one.

As for this earthly life, you have shown me what hard work looks like and how sometimes we don’t do things for the money, but for the satisfaction of doing something well. There are many projects that you helped me with when my dad was working and it was beyond mom’s expertise. I remember days in the garage making a model airplane out of cardboard. I was satisfied with the mediocre job I had done but you got on to me to be patient and that I was not finished - that we would stay out there until it was perfect. Thank you.

Your desire to learn is remarkable. You read through the Harry Potter books with me as a kid and took me to see one of the movies. That was so fun but that’s also when I realized how much you read. You were always reading and learning about new things. Even though you and grandma didn’t go to college, you two are both more knowledgeable than I may ever be. Your wealth of knowledge and love of learning is something I hope to live out and pass on to my children some day.

The love of flying that we all enjoy is because you pursued aviation as a young adult. Who would have thought that your love for aviation would transcend generations? That’s amazing. And hundreds have benefitted from your legacy. But for me, your legacy is alive through the instilled dedication to excellent work in your kids and grandkids. It lives in your example of faithfulness and commitment through 59 years of marriage to grama. It’s through your nerdiness and funny stories. You are a good man, grampa and I love you so very much. 

Love always,


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