December - Finishing Semester 1

Arms folded and leaning across the counter, I handed her my card. People were flocking in, the warm space an inviting place as December rain began falling at the close of the parade. A white noise hush amid the outside chill ushered in a sense of the holidays. The Christmas parade in 50 degree weather drew our attention to twinkly lights adorning tree lined streets against a backdrop of dark sky. Inside, the walls lined with tall wooden booths bore the skeletons of holiday stories to be made and shared.
Handed my card back, I warmed my hands around the milk steamer and headed to my booth. Around me people gathered with friends for coffee, tea, wine. The Baylor game was on, spirits high.
We sat and laughed, planned a last minute white elephant/Christmas movie party, and began laying out preparations to build a homemade dining room table. Sitting there I felt a strange sense of doneness - classes had finished two days prior, flying home in two weeks.
 And yet, a sense, or rather a reminder, that I'm far from completion.


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