Georgia on My Mind P2

Jim Elliot famously penned, "wherever you are, be all there" and it became my motto those first few weeks and months after moving to Georgia when

My funding fell through
Mom had a serious accident
My hearing aids quit working 
I couldn't find a job
I was slow to find a church family
A business school elsewhere offered me tuition
I wasn't so sure social work was for me

I had to remember the decision I made in faith to move here. Despite all of this though, Georgia became the wilderness I needed to explore who I am and what I know and believe. This growth is a continual process, but looking back on the last year has shown me how each moment prepares us for where we are going. Our responses to these moments are what matter.

And I see that now. This August I began a year long internship with a mental health hospital. I work on an adolescent crisis stabilization unit where no day is the same. Not only has my interest in psychiatric clinical work grown, but my understanding of much our responses matter.

I thought these teenagers would be creepy, tatted, cold criminals. That was an unfair assumption. Many of these teens look like you or me but as you learn their stories of why they grabbed the shotgun, ran in front of the car, or took a bottle of pills, you learn of how broken and hurting they are. The state of mental health is a whole other post but for now it is enough to say that where we have been and what we have done do not shape us as much as how we respond and whether we have others to support and respond with us. I didn't always respond well in that first year and I still second guess myself, but I wouldn't trade that awful year for anything.

You may not be where you want to be. But, if you can plant and root yourself for the season, you will grow in ways that will make more sense later on.


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